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How to Claim Health Insurance?

If you have taken your health insurance or medical insurance, you should know the claim process well Health Insurance Claim in hindi because if you have health insurance and if you fall ill, you are the first to claim it for insurance, in this post we will know how to claim in Medical Insurance In Hindi!  

How many types of health insurance claims do you do?

  1. Health insurance claims or medical insurance companies settle claims in two ways.
  2. The first way is to treat cashless. That is, in the first way, no one wants to pay you by going to the hospital, but cashless work is done.
  3. The second way is to refund the cost of treatment. You have to bear the cost of treatment yourself and then the cost of the treatment has to be withdrawn from the insurance company by claiming the amount. So you know that there are 2 types of health insurance claims.

How do you know how to process cashless health insurance claims?

First you have to inform the insurance company and fill in the necessary foam that is required before and after hospitalization by the insurance company. The insurance company or several hospitals are allowed to provide this facility from where patients can avail this facility. That is, you can get your illness treated. If your health insurance policy document already contains a list of these hospitals, you must look at it in your policy and go to the same hospital. Where there is a cashless claim i.e., you should go to any hospital associated with your insurance company and get treatment.  

Withdrawal of spent money Refund of treatment expenses?

For this you have to claim insurance in which you have to fill out a form correctly and inform the insurance company. You have to keep a record of everything while getting treatment. All necessary documents such as prescription test report and bill of the test you conduct and the discharge certificate form of the hospital are all to be attached to the form and then sent to the insurance company. If you read your policy, you will also know where you have to send the form. So friends, this is how you can claim the process of insurance. If you have health or medical insurance, you can claim your health insurance with all these procedures.

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